Lars Jacobsen


Lars Jacobsen, 31, is a freelance journalist and photographer from Hamburg, Germany. He grew up in his dads windsurf shop and became hooked with surfing through his older brother in his early ages. Since then, all he ever wanted was traveling for waves. Today, Jacobsen himself is still on an airplane more often than infront of his desk. He was lucky enough to combine that passion with his work.

lars1Thanks to his job as editor-in-chief of Germany’s SURFERS magazine, you can meet him on one of his many off-the-beaten-path surf trips, which have taken him from freezing Iceland to boiling India, and many places in between.


His photos and words have appeared in several major publications around the globe. Check out his homepage if you want to see more of his latest work.



BORN: 25.10.1980
RESIDENCE: Hamburg, Germany
OCCUPATION: Editor in Chief and freelancer photographer

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